1. About TechCopywriting

TechCopywriter: Epiphany in a Dry Dock

TechCopywriter is a Portland, Oregon-based marcom service for IT companies. We use text-, web-, and media-based marketing content to communicate the capabilities and business value of IT.

I’m Pat Ruffio, founder of TechCopywriter. Almost 40 years ago I stood on the hull of a nuclear submarine dry-docked in Bremerton, Washington. I looked up from my clipboard and had a revelation. I was absolutely fascinated by technology, much more so than the scientific research I was trained for.

That was my first professional job. But, throughout my career as a technology analyst, technical writer/editor, and technical copywriter, the fascination never wavered. I’ve spent 38 years (17 years in the IT sector) analyzing and documenting what computer, petroleum, bioprocessing, and medical technologies could–and could not–do.

More recently, I became a technical copywriter and marketing content writer for technology companies. Creating marketing content for IT companies gives me a marvelous opportunity to help them thrive and continue their role as an engine of our economy. Now, I work with members of my A-team of specialists (strategic marketer, graphic artist, and videographer/producer). We work in different combinations as needed to answer the Three Ultimate Questions that all IT buyers ask:

  • Why should I change our IT infrastructure?
  • Why do it now–why not wait?
  • Why should I choose your company?

We can help your organization answer these questions by providing easy-to-use content that improves conversion rates and conquers that eternal obstacle, The Status Quo. And, we can provide your customers with the insight they need to evaluate and maximize the value of your IT products and services.

It’s easy to work with us.

When clients engage TechCopywriter, they discover our solid technical knowledge and the reliability born of decades of meeting editorial deadlines. Our workflow usually follows this general pattern:

  1. We talk with you. In our initial conversation, we talk with you or your project manager to identify functional and content requirements and get your definition of project success. We also use this opportunity to discuss the fee payment schedule and the date and method by which we make final delivery.
    • Although we usually deliver first drafts in 2 weeks after project startup, we can try to fit your rush job into our schedule on a case-by-case basis.
    • If your requirements include graphic layout and design or production services for print, video, or multimedia deliverables, we will discuss adding them to the scope of work.
    • We use the industry-standard practice of asking for pre-payment of one-third (1/3) to one half (1/2) of the proposed fee before work begins.
  2. We make our proposal. Within 3 business days, we use the information we discussed in our conversation and provide you with our proposal—a detailed scope of work, final distribution method, intermediate delivery dates (if required), and our fee.
  3. We have a kick-off conversation. By now, we already have a clear understanding of your company products, services, and business environment. But we need a brief conversation to identify any source materials you will provide, schedule SME interviews, and for longer projects, determine how and how often we should report our status.
  4. We deliver. Final distribution is made by electronic, land (USPS), or express mail.
  5. We find out how we did. We usually have a brief conversation to discuss what went well—or perhaps not so well—and how we might better serve you in the future.

Our standard scope of work.

Although we add a project-specific scope of work to each proposal, we include a general version here for your convenience.

  1. We perform research, gather source materials, and interview SMEs or other specialists as your project instructions require.
  2. We develop content for, write, format, make changes to, and copy edit drafts in two (2) review cycles. This process ensures that you approve our content, approach, and presentation and that we can refine our work if needed.
    • After the second client review, we consider deliverables to be content complete and ready for final copyediting, proofreading, formatting, and production.
    • We make every effort to ensure that our deliverables are accurate and up-to-date. However, if after two review cycles, you notice errors that weren’t caught in review or need to update information, we will make the needed changes at no additional charge if the changes made are based on the scope we agreed to before work began.
    • If the work requires more than two review cycles because content is added, deleted, or changes format (from text to graphics for example), we will stop work, estimate costs for the needed changes (calculated at $100 per hour), and forward the estimate to you for your approval. Work will continue as soon as we receive email-acceptance of our estimate. The additional costs will be added to the final invoice.
  3. Next, we perform pre-final formatting, copy editing, and proofing passes.
  4. After you take one last look at the deliverable, and we make one final pass to catch production errors or the rare typo, we produce and distribute the final version as described in the project scope of work.